Funny Bunny Memes

Guess I like to collect things.
Here are some memes that have been found around the internet and perhaps been featured in a Rabbit Ramblings post. (Cute shelter adoptables are near the end.)
Laughter is important. Hope you get some here.
(Adding new ones at the top.)

Update: Bunny advocacy memes are on a separate page.
Our bunnies' memes are here.

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Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
Best4bunny website
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Cranky Girl and

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
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Bunny Buddhism

Cuteiful Critters

FB page, website

Hi, I'm Liz

Bunny Yoga
Maxine on Facebook

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Artist's Instagram account - check it out - really cute stuff.

FB Page

The Argyle Sweater

(Because they're all ears)

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Bunny math - Get your bunnies fixed so they can't multiply!

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August 1, 2016 - One year anniversary of Lucy passing over the Rainbow Bridge.
You can read about her here
Rainbow Bridge (and more) here.

It's a funny comic but I feel obligated to note that carrots are a bunny treat,
to be given in small amounts. Carrots are sugary and similar to a person eating donuts.
The carrot tops, the greens, are also treasured by bunnies
and don't have the same restriction. Hope this wasn't a buzzkill. >:)

Photo courtesy of Best4bunny
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Funny meme, but if your bunny is not pooping, get to a rabbit-savvy vet ASAP.

Monty Python reference. If you don't get it:

Bolt and Frolic

But can you find the egg?

From Mutts

(My apologies for misspelling Obi Wan Bunobi's name)

Bizarro by Piraro

Tales of Two Rabbits


HRS Rabbit Center
House Rabbit Society

From Napoleon Bunnyparte
In memory of Lucy

(An Easter caution)
(On springing forward to Daylight Savings Time)
My favorite, too. RIP, Leonard Nimoy.

From our friends at Bunnyhugga
(Bunnyhugga FB page)

From Penny and Sheldon
Bunny anniversary card


May the furs be with you.

Elton Bohn

Any foods you don't keep at home anymore?

(Spelling not by RR) by Brian Russo

What's the frequency, Kenneth?

Read about bunny treats here

Bunny Buddhism's Facebook page is here
Darth Bunner: May the treats be with you!

Related to pet disaster preparedness post
(Titanic reference)

CPA ... Carrot Public Accountant

(International Talk Like a Pirate Day)

Finally, someone has labeled a lop with all the important scientific parts,
like flufferbuttle and thumping puffers.

Looks legit to me. I'm sure nothing untoward will happen.
Well, maybe a few on-line orders for treats, fresh greens and toys.
Using your credit card ... no biggie.

Not an exact science

One of several posters about NOT getting a rabbit for Easter;
see post for many more. Spread the word, especially before Easter.
Ethel's bunny ears post
Lagomorpheus - bunnies in the Matrix

Posted here
Parlez vous humma-humma?

What do you mean you left the keys in the litter box?
Love this

From imgur

In an alternate universe ...

Go ahead, it takes a "second".
Maybe a minute ...

Where does your bunny like to be pet?

Make your own meme

Bunya [in a Thurston Howell III nasal intonation]:
Ummmm ... okay, so maybe you do have some small advantage
with those opposable thumb thingies.
You may continue.

Dealing Bunya - Bunya as cardback

A man with a rabbit on his head walks into a doctor's office.
The doctor says, "Hmmm. I see the problem."
The bunny says. "Well, it's pretty obvious -
do you think you can remove this man from my butt?


By Bipolar Bunny


                          HRS attitude adjustment banner

Save 2 lives.

Great slogan (but too small): ADOPT. DON'T SHOP.

Event sign that GHRS uses
to point the way to the festivities

From Lush bag

And some pictures of some really cute adoptables that have been featured in RR posts ...


  1. Mine's up there!!! How cool is that!!! I did the "Be kind" one. This started my day off really well!

  2. I love that you feature the white bunnies! They are such great loves! :) I am owned by four rescue bunnies at the moment and two rescue doggies! :)